Murdoch Outreach has had some very interesting challenges over Term 2.  With the move to online based learning for the university, we had a lot of learning to do. Thankfully, we worked hard to move many of our usual activities to a more online system and were able to run a large amount of our usual outreach activities using Murdoch’s extensive online resources. These activities included friendly online trivia quizzes and competitions for students, face-to-face discussions with academics & experts, recorded & live activities, and online workshops from presenter to school. In the final weeks of term 2, with the permission of the Education Department, we were even welcomed into some schools to run incursions.

In Term 3, Murdoch University is very happy to be open for excursions, incursions and online activities! We are constantly updating our activity list on our website which can be found at the link below. If you find something you would love to engage with, or if you have an idea for who Murdoch Outreach and your school could engage with your student’s curriculum and let them see where a future in HASS can take them, please feel free to reach me at J.dohle@murdoch.edu.au


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