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What’s going on in the HASSWA World


Makybe Rise Primary School have lots of fun activities planned for HaSS Week. Students will be participating in different activities as part of our daily Morning Meetings. Each day has a different focus based on the HaSS key concepts, for example, Aboriginal Indigenous culture, History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship and Business and economics. Activities include exploring…


At Leeming SHS the dust is just settling from our amazing multicultural celebrations with musicians, dancers, foods from around the world, henna tattoos and displays.  So time to relax? Not HASS- we are instead putting the final touches on next week’s HASS activities. From the Year 7’s Amazing Race around the school, castles and catapults…


Murdoch Outreach has had some very interesting challenges over Term 2.  With the move to online based learning for the university, we had a lot of learning to do. Thankfully, we worked hard to move many of our usual activities to a more online system and were able to run a large amount of our…

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